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  • Changing The Way Your Surf The Web With A PHP Proxy

    Nothing is more frustrating than being blocked from your favorite websites, whether you are trying to gain access from your workplace or while at school. Most schools and many businesses block access to websites like facebook, assuming that access will interrupt work. With our PHP Proxy, however, you can gain access fast and easy. is an easy to use phpproxy server that allows you to surf the web without restrictions or ever being blocked.

    The Internet Freedom You Deserve

    Using privately owned clouds, your internet activity is protected when surfing through our website and you can rest assured knowing your computer is safe from sneaky code and the people out there that would love nothing more than to steal your personal information. Many countries also block access to some websites. However, using our PHP proxy tool, you can access any site and from anywhere on the planet without detection. For many people around the globe, being able to access blocked websites has many benefits, some even being profitable.

    How A PHP Proxy Works

    Internet surfing in some countries is limited, causing many websites to be blocked. By using our website, you can access blocked sites safely, our tool blocking cookies and client side scripting like JavaScript. You will be able to see all images and text on the websites you can access through using our specialized website. Your IP address is changed during the use of our website so you never have to worry about being infected by malicious malware and viruses. Our tools blend into your web browser and allow you to surf the net in a safer, less restricted manner. Start using out customized PHP Proxy server now and find out why we are the best and most trusted web proxy available, used by journalists and many more professionals every day.

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